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Construction Cost Consultancy

Cost Management
• preparation of feasibility estimates
• preparation of budget estimates and cost plans
• advice on value engineering

Feasibility Studies
We usually carry out Feasibility Studies to establish whether the project is financially viable. These normally include a broad estimate of construction costs including all fees and possible build scenarios; following discussions with Valuation Surveyor or Estate Agents, we can compare these costs against the potential end value.

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Budget Estimates
Once an outline scheme proposal has been developed, a detailed budget estimate will predict the overall cost. We will also set out the specification that has been allowed for in the budget and how the cost is allocated to the specification. These are to enable our clients to make informed choices before the design develops significantly, enabling them to achieve cost targets and understanding their lending requirements. Design development can then be monitored, and any changes in costs advised as the scheme develops. Developing these details further, we can produce “Cost Plans” to provide allowances for each element, such as labour, plant and material breakdowns. This is particularly important to Contractors and developers wishing to procure labour and materials directly.

Value Engineering

At every stage of your project, Jemmy will assess every cost issue to ensure the best possible value is achieved for our clients.

Quantity Surveying

We provide a cost effective cost management service in;

• preparation of cash flow forecasts
• advice on forms of Contract, warranties, bonds and procurement as well as tender lists
• preparation of tender documents and tender analysis reports
• preparation of bills of quantities, Schedules of work & Builders Quantities
• preparation of contract documentation
• assessment and agreement of post contract variations
• preparation and analysis of interim valuations
• post contract reports
• final accounts, including dealing with contractual delays, extensions of time, LAD's, loss and expense claims

• material scheduling, procurement and package compilation.

Cash-flow Forecasts
We can provide a predication of the contract sum expenditure, on a monthly basis, over the contract period based upon the Contractors programme.


Tender Lists
Whatever the size of the project, we can locate and vet suitably skilled and reliable Building Contractors ensuring we obtain “Bona Fide” tenders.


Tender Appraisal
Once tenders have been obtained we then scrutinize each of the tenders to ensure they are comparable. Tender prices then need to be compared and the conclusions are communicated to our clients so they can make an informed decision.


Bills of Quantities
We produce tender documents for use with smaller private developments through to larger construction projects. These Bills can be produced in accordance with the Standard Method of Measurement or as a schedule of Works for pricing, each produced in a format all professionals readily understand. Rates are obtained for all items of works for further evaluation purposes. We spend time with all our clients to establish their exact requirements researching the market place to ensure value for money is achieved.


Schedule of Works

For smaller or less complex projects that are likely to be executed by a 'builder' rather than a large construction company a Schedule of Works can be produced. These generally are easier to understand rather than the more complex Bills of Quantities. The Schedule will describe the works in a readily understood format that the tenders will be able to price on an item-by-item basis. 


Builders Quantities
We produce for building contractors “Builders Quantities” to assist them in the production of a tender. These are produced as but not necessarily in accordance with any particular measurement rules, these can be produced extremely quickly and provide and efficiently tool to minimise cost.


Contract Preparation
The basis of any Project should be a clear understanding of the works; these should be backed up with a Standard Form of Building Contract. We can advise which form of contract best fits the clients requirements and explain the relevant clauses if required. Once an acceptable tender has been agreed, the contract will to be prepared with care, to ensure that the intentions of all the parties are fully understood and reflected in the documentation.


During the progress of the project, we can value the works executed, usually on a monthly basis, using the priced contract documents and agree the cost of any variations. Our valuation can then be passed to the project administrator (if appointed) detailing the clients payment to the contractor.


Financial Statements
As the works proceeds, we can produce regular Financial Statements which keep our clients up to date with the estimated final cost of the project.


Final Accounts
After the works are completed we will prepare a Final Account, agreeing the final cost detailing any changes to the cost of the project.

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